H2… Hiatus

Before: Freezing my butt off.

Before: Freezing my butt off.

Ok guys. Sorry for the hiatus. I had every intention of keeping up with things even through exam weeks, but I just had to put everything on hold and focus on the essentials… and no, working out didn’t even make the cut. I lost weight… here’s my latest stats, but I’m kind of worried it’s more from muscle atrophy then anything else.

Measurements (cm)
Hip: 91 (-1.0)
Waist:74 (+2.0)
Quad: 52.5 (+2.0)
Calf: 32 (-1.0)
Bicep: 27 (+0.5)

Total Measurement Change since last week: +2.5 cm (Ugh at least my biceps and quads got bigger)

Weight: 139.4lbs (-2.4 from last time)

But who cares!? The first semester of nursing school is over (with good grades TAH BOOT!)! And during all the craziness of those last 2 weeks of the semester, I got a new job! I will be working as a unit secretary (mostly night shift) in the ER at RCH. I couldn’t be happier 🙂

Besides studying and drinking copious amounts of tea and coffee, I did make time for 2 races (Color Me Rad, and Rugged Maniac) AND a day at Kings Dominion – I got season passes for my man’s birthday.

After: Can't wait to shower!

After: Can’t wait to shower!