Gym Bunny’s Guide to Makeup

If you are anything like me, then the thought of going anywhere without makeup is horrifying. That being said, being the hypocrite that I am, I hate seeing girls at the gym all made up, or with their hair down (but that’s another issue entirely).
On top of that, if you are serious about getting in a good sweat session, if you do where makeup, it’s only going to look 10x worse by the time you are done. But there’s nothing wrong with a little something, especially if looking good is what get’s you motivated… so here are my gym bag essentials.
Gym Makeup
Gym Makeup by h2well featuring lorac

Hi, I’m Hannah…

Ok. So this blog is a long time coming. I have what I like to call a consistency issue when it comes to being healthy… I have a hard time when it comes to maintaining a consistent healthy lifestyle (specifically in the food department). Especially when the semester kicks into high gear or things get a little demanding at work. But that’s life isn’t it? And with 25 coming around the corner, there are places I want to be, personally, professionally, and academically, and this blog is to help me remain accountable and to hopefully, create a network of people seeking support on their paths to become the best version of themselves as possible.

In a nutshell one year from now… 12/12/13, on my 25th birthday, I want to have obtained and maintained a certain level of fitness, to lower my % body fat from it’s current 24% to 18% BF, to complete my first tough mudder (scheduled for June!), and to keep kicking butt at school in the meantime.

This change I am proposing is step one of becoming the person I know I can be, and it is up to me to grab hold of what I want for myself and make it happen. I see no reason that I cannot accomplish all of this for myself, after all who else is gonna do it for me?

And it is my hope that over the course of the next year, we can all celebrate our successes, one step at a time.