Mastering the “Man Salad”

What is a Man Salad you ask? It’s a salad that if a man were to eat it in front of his bros he wouldn’t get any grief about it. A man salad has nearly half your daily caloric and nutritional requirements in one glorious bowl. Most importantly, the man salad is the key to unlocking your ability to enjoy meals dominated by vegetables.


Not everyone’s man salad is the same… I recommend going out to eat and trying a variety of unhealthy and delicious salads (not too frequently – show some control) to find the right match for you. Something you enjoy eating and will be excited about the prospect of recreating.

Hopefully you have already mastered breakfast (mine is a tad over 200 calories), and are now ready to start tackling other meals. This is the perfect place to start. I go to Sam’s and get a bunch of romaine and use that as my base. Mix in other greens (think about eventually making the ration of mixed greens/baby spinach to romaine 2:1, but for now enjoy the romaine… NO ICEBERG LETTUCE! I also love to get green peppers and red, yellow, and orange peppers in bulk, then I chop them up ahead of time to use in salads and omelets. I also add in the chicken I make in bulk and chop it up… YUM!

Disclaimer: Remember the Man Salad is the first step. The objective here is to begin enjoying vegetables. After this is accomplished slowly start to decrease the amount of things such as cheese, croutons, dressing, etc. and shrinking the total size of the salad. This is a process – enjoy it!