Measurement Monday + Workouts

Hey guys! So on with Measurement Monday. Last week was absolutely wonderful. I can honestly say it has been the first spring break I have ever had with NO homework assignments. Even though I didn’t spend my time much differently, except that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I spent the day at my parents leisurely studying for my Nursing classes. My workouts even remained the same, but maybe a little longer.

Monday: 3 mile run/walk with mom in the early AM and evening 5 mile walk with the man
Tuesday: Early AM 30 min Body Pump + 30 min Body Combat. Followed by 30 minute intervals on the treadmill with mom and then Weights for Back and Shoulders
Wednesday: TRX 45 and 1 hour Synergy 360 (video below)
Thursday: Rest Day – 5 mile walk with the Man
Friday: AM TRX 45 + Body Pump, evening 6 mile walk with the man 1:45
Saturday: Nada
Sunday: Bis, Tris, Shoulders, 30 minute StairMaster, TRX 45

Measurements (cm)
Hip: 93.2
Quad: 52
Calf: 32.7
Bicep: 28

Weight: 144.8 lbs

I’m pretty happy with everything. I kind of blew eating well on Friday because Fresh Market had a sale on cookies… but other than that, not too bad. This week I want to start upping my cardio (Ugh), and trying to get back to a specific split for lifting. I’ve kind of been all over the place since I started working out with other people and I need to find my routine again.


Les Mills 21 Day Challenge

Today marks the day my sister-in-law and myself will be starting the Les Mills 21 Day Nutrition challenge. In short:

  • No Carbs or Fruit (it’s just 3 weeks get over it)
  • Palm size protein
  • 2 handfulls of veggies
  • 1 thumb oil
  • All of the above at every meal – 5 meals a day

So I made a special last supper last night of chicken pot pie from scratch and new potatoes. Gotta get my carb fix! The recipe was originally from the Pioneer Woman, but I found two blogs for the crust and filling that had GREAT directions, and to be honest I think it could have been a disaster without their step-by-step.

The overall product was delicious! I did forget all the seasonings (salt, pepper, thyme) but oh well. Still pretty durn good, so I can only imagine how good it will be when I remember all the ingredients.


So I encourage you to try the 21-day challenge. It’s only 3 weeks, so what’s the problem? Plus, it’s a great way to work on meal prep!(my current downfall) and to put together a kick ass routine to get ready for… BIKINI SEASON!

Coming Clean

Photo on 1-27-13 at 10.57 AM #3

Over the holidays I read this book and ate it up. HA I’ve been a fan of Tosco Reno for awhile and had yet to read one of her books, and I have to say this, it is THE BEST guide for getting your eating habits in line. This book is specifically aimed for those of us who are struggling with losing those final 10-15 lbs.

This plan breaks clean eating down into an easy 4 week plan. The keyword here however is plan. The key to being successful with this change, and any diet and fitness plan in general, is planning. So instead of jumping into the deep end without swimming lessons, I have been taking the time to create my own clean eating regimen I can easily follow and slowly tweak to become more strict.

So first things first, get everything together.

  • Cooler for my car (Don’t need this yet – its been super cold)
  • Water bottle (I lost mine and my water consumption has suffered for it – lame- I know)
  • Snacks and week 1 supply of food
  • Set of tupperware

*Plus, I’m really hoping this will help me to control my grocery budget.

Diet Overhaul, One Meal at a Time

So you may know from reading the about section that I am a very active person, who one may think can get away with eating anything they want, but unfortunately that is far, far from the truth. My diet is my downfall. I have always struggled with my weight. Anything shows quickly, and I have struggled with being the biggest girl on the team more often than not. Now, that being said, I have never been FAT, but I have always had some jiggle to my middle, and I want nothing more to have flat abs (me and everyone else right?). So this time without rushing to jump off the deep end with some diet, I have created my own plan to tackle one trouble spot at a time and to slowly, and permanently clean up my lifestyle… and hopefully find a six pack on the way.

I have no specific goal in mind. Just to get my body to reach it’s full potential by cracking one bad habit at a time. Starting with individual meals and graduating to diet planning and maintenance.

The first “phase” of my new beginning will be training myself to improve my diet. Starting with breakfast and going from there. A big part of this plan is keeping track of my overall caloric intake (myfitness pal) every day. That being said, for the first 2 weeks if you are doing this along with me, do not drive yourself nuts on your total calories everyday. Just focus on getting in the habit of recording your meals and eating a balanced breakfast EVERY SINGLE DAY. After that you will be able to logically see where you personally can make improvements… And if you are like me you will definitely be able to determine what is and is NOT worth the calories.

Beginning Stats:

  • Height: 5’8″
  • CW: 145
  • %BF: 24
  • GW1: 135