Hi all, I’m Hannah, 60746_3267728432092_1437570450_n

I am 24 (as of 12/12/12)  consumed by nursing school as well as wrapping up some loose ends with my BS in Exercise Science. In order to keep myself sane, and because I’m a workaholic, I spend any time I’m not buried in a textbook at my job where I work as a group exercise instructor (Body Pump, TRX, and anything else) as well as personal training.

However, the crazier things get, the crazier my diet and exercise routine gets, and that’s the last thing I want, or need. And that’s the problem. That’s partly why I started this blog, the other reason is because I have a vision of who I want to be and I am not quite living up to it yet. I have so much more to offer others, and way more that I can improve upon myself so that I can reach my full potential.

I have weaknesses just like everyone else. And this is my way to start working those out. By being honest with you and being honest with myself. My goal is to use this space to help hold myself accountable, and to hopefully encourage others to do the same.

Keep checking back for updates regarding my personal goals, hiccups, and accomplishments. I will be posting regularly Monday and Fridays (Maybe more if you are lucky). Follow my weekly and daily goals, as well as updates regarding my personal stats, and workouts.

*Please note that my goals are health and fitness related… while I do have a % body fat range in mind, my goal is not to be skinny, but rather… a beast.


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