Measurement Monday

Pink Laces from Sweat Pink!!

Pink Laces from Sweat Pink!!

Measurements (cm)
Hip: 91 (-1.5)
Waist:73 (-2.2)
Quad: 52.5 (-0.3)
Calf: 32 (-1.1)
Bicep: 28 (same)

Weight: 142.8 lbs (-2.2 from last time)

Wow. I’m kind of surprised that my numbers have dropped… I’ve been feeling so fat and icky lately! But I’m not complaining. I have stuck with my cardio and it is even starting to pay off, as well as trying to be diligent with my splits. Weight training has been the hardest part, not that I’m not doing it, I’m kicking butt at it – But sticking with my spits when I teach so many classes is kind of hard, it’s just so easy to stick with full body workouts.


New Sneaks! My Asics have been great for running, but all the jumping around have been killing my knees… and these have been much much better!

Here are my splits: Bicep+Back, Tricep+Chest, Core+,Shoulders, Legs(Quad emphasis), Legs(Booty emphasis)

I started out doing my upper body days together (week before last), and it was just too much. I HURT! So last week I alternated as follows:

Sunday: TRX 45, Legs and Plyo for legs
Tuesday:3 mile run with Mom
Wednesday: TRX 45, Bicep+Back, and Circuits (3 min cardio and 1 min strength – 45 min total)AM then 1.5 mile run afternoon
Thursday: Nada (School all day)
Friday: TRX 45 + 1 hour BodyPump
Saturday: 3 mile run w/ Mom
Sunday: Cardio (30 min elliptical), Chest+Triceps

As you can see, I don’t have abs written in there at all. I know my issue is not core strength, but diet when it comes to abs. Plus I hit the abs pretty hard when I teach TRX.


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