When the stars allign

Sometimes the stars just align, and when this happens its best not to ask why, but to just enjoy it. This past weekend was no exception. The past few months have been rough, but moving closer to family has really helped our morale, and through all the craziness, Clarke and my relationship has only gotten better.

And crazy just doesn’t quite cut it. Having all our stuff crammed in too small of a house with his mother who has been sick and is one bad life event away from becoming a hoarder has not been easy. We both have demanding lives – school, work, you name it, and being a caregiver definitely doesn’t ease the stress, but as I said in a previous post, things are coming together, and this weekend we were truly blessed with not only improvement with his mother’s attitude (we’ll see how long that lasts), and new neighbors bringing new blessings.

Saturday morning was looking to be another crazy day as usual. Clarke had to go on a sales call Saturday morning, and I stayed home to work on homework and begin the unpacking process. I noticed he was taking longer than expected and looked out the window to see him talking to our new neighbors, so I went back to work. Not 5 minutes later he came in to give the neighbor and his father a tour…

Then the neighbors father bought our stuff! Great deal both ways, so our 2 couches are sold along with our coffee and end tables! There went our clutter – a wonderful stroke of luck! Then we went to swim, what a lovely Saturday!

Sunday (Easter) Such a yucky rainy day. We went to the old house to check on things before the month was over and the buyer moved in, but the buyer was there, and …

I know him.

Nicest. Guy. Ever.

And he was tore up that, yes he got a house with his girlfriend better than he ever thought they could afford, but that poor person that had to short sell… We couldn’t be happier! It was a win win all the way around, and it was great to give the new owners our blessings and to finally wipe our hand of the house for once and for all!


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