Workout 3/27


Sometimes you just gotta know when to say NO. Today is the first day I can truly say I feel like a burnt out nursing student. I woke up late (4:30 AM) and went to teach my TRX class. Normally I workout more afterwards, but I just needed a day of R&R. I’ve been going hard so I went to my parents house to work on school work, then after a nice home-cooked meal I’m gonna go home and have a long shower. Since I’m feel burnt out and my shoulder is acting up today (shoulder and abs split) I’m just going to focus on learning those tracks from the new Body Pump release.

Moral of the story. Just listen to your body. Don’t let one off day be your excuse to be a bum, but know when to tone it back a bit. This is a marathon not a sprint, and we want to develop a gorgeous well oiled machine, not a used and abused piece of equipment.

But on the plus side… I just got my #SweatPink swag! I can’t wait to don this baby for Rugged Maniac on May 4th… and did you guys hear????


In RVA on August 24th! I can’t wait! This and a giant tomato fight!


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