Coming Clean

Photo on 1-27-13 at 10.57 AM #3

Over the holidays I read this book and ate it up. HA I’ve been a fan of Tosco Reno for awhile and had yet to read one of her books, and I have to say this, it is THE BEST guide for getting your eating habits in line. This book is specifically aimed for those of us who are struggling with losing those final 10-15 lbs.

This plan breaks clean eating down into an easy 4 week plan. The keyword here however is plan. The key to being successful with this change, and any diet and fitness plan in general, is planning. So instead of jumping into the deep end without swimming lessons, I have been taking the time to create my own clean eating regimen I can easily follow and slowly tweak to become more strict.

So first things first, get everything together.

  • Cooler for my car (Don’t need this yet – its been super cold)
  • Water bottle (I lost mine and my water consumption has suffered for it – lame- I know)
  • Snacks and week 1 supply of food
  • Set of tupperware

*Plus, I’m really hoping this will help me to control my grocery budget.


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